Why Would Anyone Willingly Eat That???

Whilst perusing the internets this evening, I came across the following article on USA Today’s website.


The article is about a teenager who had to undergo surgery to remove 9 pounds of hair from her freaking stomach. She was chewing on her hair and also EATING the hair off of the floor!

I have no doubts that I have eaten countless ounces of my corgi’s, Butters, fur. But I have never INTENTIONALLY eaten his freaking fur. It just gets everywhere. I am sure I have a fine coating of his fur lining my lungs as well. If you have a corgi, I am sure you are well aware of the ONE drawback to the breed. Everything else about him is just perfect. He is loyal, he is well behaved, and he is just so damned lovable. He sheds so much that his fur has ended up in South Korea. We have not been there. Well, I have, but way before he was born.

A tuft of Butters’ fur snuck its way into a friend’s suitcase somehow. Even though she had not visited for weeks, it made its way into her bags. She did not find the Butters fur until a few months into her stay in South Korea where she went to teach English.

Here is a picture of my beautiful corgi who sheds way too much.


This was the day we got to bring him home. Little did we know that he would shed so much that  it might endanger our lives. Who knows, Brian and I may also need to undergo stomach surgeries to remove all of the Butters fur.



2 thoughts on “Why Would Anyone Willingly Eat That???

  1. Dara

    If I am indeed that friend (funny that I just now learned of your blog, good timing) then it was surely butters hair and more was found. His ass hair is so pervasive that I am likely now not rid of it,…living in a different state. Also funny is that my boyfriend has a Shiba Inu, being a winter dog, whose hair-shedding may rival Butters…..ooooo O_o

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