Why Does it Always Come Back to Shit?

I finally emerged from my hermit cave and went to see a friend of mine tonight. My husband and I spent the evening outside on her porch with her husband and her brother. It was quite lovely. I didn’t realize just how much I needed to see my life partner (the one who is not my husband).

The night started out as normal. We had dinner. We went out to the porch to socialize away from the kids. Then the conversation veers to the noxious and loud odors being emitted from my friend’s brother’s ass. Then the inevitable question of “Did you shit today?” gets asked.  He had indeed taken a dump earlier in the day. He was just gassy.

He then brought the conversation to the goats next door. Whilst watching a goat take a crap, he compared the action of the goat’s shit to a machine gun. It comes out in such a fashion that resembles that of ammunition being fired from a machine gun. The conversation further devolved into the attributes of other animals’ shit. Giraffe poop, for instance, is rather dense. I learned something new today. So, I guess that’s a plus.

For those of you who do not know me and my friends personally, this is a normal occurrence. It always comes back to shit. Why? I have no idea. It seems as though poop is just a fascinating subject for us to bullshit about  (no pun intended).

This led me to think about the fact that we do not go into tangents in our conversations about urine. Is there a bias against pee? Even in swears, we do not really use any terms regarding urine to curse.  Sure, we do say “I’m pissed off” and the like, but it is never used as a swear nor does it ever come up in our conversations like shit does. In the younger generations (who are more crude such as myself and my friends), the use of the word “shit” is commonplace. Pee, urine, piss, etc. is not as common place. Do we as people have a bias against pee? Is it because there is no substance to it?

And WHY must I think of these things? Normal people don’t talk about such bodily functions in as much depth as we do. For Bob’s sake, I have a book ABOUT poo. It is titled “What does your poo say about you?”. It is sitting in our bathroom as reading material.

I would not consider myself poo-a-phile, but it does seem as though I have an odd fascination with it. After all, why would it come up in conversation (specifically my conversations) so very often? Hell, I even talk to my mother about shit. We talk about it in Korean of course. But we still do discuss our shits.  How many times we have taken a shit thus far in the day, the consistency, the amount, etc. It comes up in almost all of my conversations with people whom I am actually comfortable with. Am  I like super freaking strange? (Keep in mind, I would not mind in the slightest if you find me super strange. I would likely take it as a compliment.)


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