Insanity – The Workout From HELL

I did not know it was possible for me to be this sore…..

I am not the most sedentary person. I run often (now). 2 miles five days a week, and walk 3 miles five days a week (I stopped running for a few months but just started back up). But I have not been this sore for years. Not since I started actually taking an interest in running three years ago.

A friend of mine loaned me a workout DVD set so that I could actually trim down before I go to Maui for my sister’s wedding in May. To be fair, he DID say that it was brutal. But oh my fucking god. I am sore as hell.

The workout program is called “Insanity.” I took the title as just a catchy way for people to buy the DVD set. But no, it is truly insane. Running is apparently not sufficient for working out. Jumping up and down in all sorts of ways is truly the worst/best way to workout.

I only did the fit test (30 minutes of interval workouts), and I was sweating gallons and am now, several hours later, freakishly sore. Mainly my back and abs.

I took before pictures and created a few pages for a scrapbook to track my progress.  I mean, if you scrapbook it, it totally makes it official. No way in hell I am posting that shit for you to view. It is truly awful. Not working out for months will make it that embarrassing.


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