Best Holiday Ever… Halloween

It’s the most magical time of the year. Blood, guts, gore. Halloween. It is my favorite time of year.

I love dressing up, and I love seeing everyone else’s costumes. I love carving pumpkins, roasting pumpkin seeds, making pumpkin pies, and other Halloween treats.

But there is one thing that I would love more than anything for this Halloween.


For Chomp to be dressed up as an AT-AT. Can you imagine her face in that costume?


And yes, that is her drool. She is vicious… totally….

Alright, no, she was just waiting for her treat. She is a very food motivated dog.

But I have ALWAYS wanted to dress my dogs up in costumes. Always.

For instance, Tweak, my scotty, would look amazing as an Ewok (such as this below):

original But with this cute face: 24312_873538759268_7897365_n

He would make the cutest ewok ever.

And Butters could be mother fucking Yoda: star-wars-dog-costume-9

I mean, he already has the Yoda ears: 58398_990251036928_3347066_n

But no…. Brian, my husband, will not let me dress my children up in costumes for Halloween. I would totally take them out trick-or-treating too if I were given the chance. After all, when I was 17, I took my Maltese, Ahgee, out trick-or-treating with me, and he got a huge dog biscuit. One bigger than his freaking face. And no, I do not have any pictures of him in his Halloween costume…. he passed away a few months ago. Prostate cancer. I am sad to say that I don’t have a good picture of him on this pc… or else I would have uploaded a picture of him as well.

All I want for Halloween this year is to be able to dress up my dogs in awesome costumes. And I am sure you all can help me in fulfilling my wish by pestering my husband to let me dress them up. Please post your responses addressed to him, Brian, so that I may finally get my Halloween wish.


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