Bobby Singer – A Man Many Need to be Able to Call Friend (Spoiler Alert)

We all need to have a Bobby Singer in our lives. He is a father figure for Sam and Dean especially since their father, John Winchester, died (to save Dean). That there, was a spoiler for season two, and one I guess. Just thought you oughta know.

Keeping in mind, I have only just begun to watch Supernatural. Yes, I was very late to the game. But, since it was uploaded onto Netflix, I have been watching episode after episode with my husband. We are currently mid season six.

But back to my original point. Bobby Singer may not be the classiest guy around, but he is genuine. He is not afraid to tell you when you’ve been an “ijiot” (hick talk for idiot). His sense of style is tried and true. He is rarely, if ever, seen without his trucker hat. And please bear in mind, he does not wear his trucker hat like a douche. He does not have it at an angle or backwards. He does not leave the sticker on it. And the hat is full on his head… not barely placed upon it as if it were too small to fit.

But most of all, Bobby is a caring man. Always there to help or to give advice on how to gank (Gank. Verb. It means to kill) demon or vampire or whatever other beasty comes along. He also knows his weapons. I mean, his sawed off shotgun is a beauty. I kind of want one to call my own. I would name her Shelly. And I would prefer not to have any Shelly on my shoe (for those of you who are unfamiliar with that reference, it is from the Evil Dead Musical. If you have not checked it out, you really should.).

The Winchester boys are lucky to be able to have a friend like him. I am jealous, really. I wish I had such a no bullshit, guns a blazing, slightly off friend like that to call my own. If you are much like Bobby Singer in attitude, and are as snappy of a dresser, and live in the greater Northwesterly area of the United States, please drop me a line.

P.S. When I say I would like a friend like Bobby Singer, I am not looking for any LARPers. I would prefer a genuine hick like Bobby to call “Friend”.


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