An Ode to the Power of Metal

After recently watching the Pick of Destiny again, my husband broke out an awesome “old”  video game (old being from like 2009, which is old in the video game sphere these days whereas the games of my childhood would be considered retro. How did things from not too terribly long ago suddenly become retro? Am I THAT old? Am I now considered retro? I detest this feeling of being old or retro.). Anyhow, he brought out an old favorite, Brutal Legend.

Brutal Legend is a game that features the voice acting of an admiral metal fan and musician, Jack Black. He plays the main character who is a roadie that is squished by a part of the stage set and is sent into an alternate world. The world of heavy metal… which for the record would be my freaking heaven (that is, if I were to go to heaven or if it even exists for a person like me). Anyhow, his character, Eddie (which I think is a tribute to the Rocky Horror Picture Show character, Eddie, played by Meatloaf, which is freaking awesome if it were truly a tribute.), is the foretold chosen one, told to bring down the evil Doviculus and his evil glam rock general, Lionwhyte, or to destroy the world of metal. Eddie uses the power of metal to fight and defeat the evil forces with his guitar and this awesome axe.

The whole game is filled with an awesome sound track of music that you can choose as you are driving the super killer hot rod type vehicle that you can upgrade with weapons and spout blood that somehow kills your enemies. I can only imagine that it is bat blood. Those that are totally awesome are immune (and for those of you who don’t know, Ozzy Osborne once bit the head off of a bat on stage thinking it was a prop that was thrown by a fan. It was not. It was indeed a real bat.).

Anyhow, the voice actors include, Jack Black, Ozzy Osborne, Lars Halford, and Lemmy Kilmister. That alone makes the video game epic in my mind.

This whole time watching my husband play the amazing game that I played when it came out, caused me to ponder the awesomeness of the power of metal. It illicits a feeling of epicness for me. Like the world is my oyster and I can do anything. I may be slightly biased toward metal due to my upbringing. After all, I only had the option of my mother’s Korean gospel music or my father’s awesome metal. Keeping in mind, growing up, I lived in a lower rent area fairly close to a military base (my father was in the army for 20 years). The musical influences of the time were also very different. Do you remember that old nickelodeon show, All That? Well, if you do, you’d know that it was a comedic children’s show that had a musical act at the end of every show, mostly that of the rap or R&B genre. Well….. my mother forbade us, me and my sister, to watch the end of the show. MTV was also off limits. She seemed to think that the music that kids and teens listened to was evil and all spoke of killing your mother. It was like I lived in the Footloose town (though I have never seen that movie. I only know of the movie from pop culture references like was in How I Met Your Mother for that one episode. You know the one I’m talking about.) except it wasn’t dancing that was evil. It was music.

Now, keep in mind, we found ways to listen to the popular music of the time like TLC or Boys 2 Men. Especially when my mother had company over and was distracted. We also snuck watching MTV when my parents were out doing errands. We would have nickelodeon on the previous channel so we could quickly change it when the garage door opened. As we grew and continued to try to defy my mother’s wishes, she eventually gave up when we moved to a more “upscale” area. I am sad to say, that the first album I ever bought (age 10) was the Spice Girls. How naïve I was.

After winning my musical freedom, and after the initial shock of getting to listen to music freely, I then went back to what I actually liked, not what was popular among my peers. I made by way back to metal. The power of metal was just too strong! It was because of metal that I finally was able to be myself. And I was able to be comfortable with who I was and I was much happier. I must say, that metal saved my life. Without metal, I would have become a ditzy automaton who tried endlessly for acceptance. Praise metal!


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