As I watch season one of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the umpteenth time, I realize how great my childhood was. I began my Buffy obsession at the age of nine… and established a meaningful friendship at the same time.

I saw that a new show was to start based on a terribly cheesy movie that I loved when I was nine years old. I immediately decided that I would watch the show… however, I was still late to the game. The first episode I viewed was Witch. Episode three.  It didn’t matter too much to me. I got the idea having watched the travesty if a movie (more on that later).

Of course, me being the socially awkward child that I was, I grasped for subjects to talk about with my fellow peers. The subject of this new pop culture show, Buffy, came up, and I suddenly had something to relate to. I mean we all wish that we could be as bad ass as a vampire slayer (on a side note: I have the best husband. He randomly bought me a license plate frame saying “Mom, I’m a vampire slayer.”).

I was able to form my first true best friendship. It was a boy that also had an obsession with the series and movie. Though, I suspect his obsession began with the physical appeal of the main character.  After all, he did end up acquiring a cardboard cut out of Buffy when we were 12…. I feel that I have to admit here that I too had a cardboard cut out…. but of Spike. Though, I did not acquire it until I was 21ish? My husband randomly bought it for me. He buys me a lot of random shit that is awesome. I think I chose a good one, no?

Anyhow, my obsession was so clear that my father bought me first season of Buffy. Keeping in mind, we weren’t super well off and buying a season’s worth of a show was quite expensive at the time.

Needless to say, I have always been a nerd and will continue to exude my nerdiness. Be it with BTVS or with Evil Dead (BTW super frelling excited for the show, but that is another blog entirely).


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