License Plate Frames….

I have to ask, why the hell do so many people keep the tacky plastic license plate frames that you get when you purchase a car on their vehicles?  Like even after they have received their plates. They remove the frame advertising where they purchased said vehicle. Then remove the paper advertising sheet and replace it with their plate. They then proceed to attach both plate and tacky plastic frame to their vehicle until the end of time. Why? Why I ask you….
It is not like it was an accident. One has to purposefully place it back onto the car.
I mean, it is not hard to NOT put it back on the vehicle. If you really want a frame for your plate, get a cool one. Not some plastic piece of shit that tells the world where you shop and generally where you reside. For example, I had no frame on my plates for a long while, but then as a random present, my husband bought me an awesome frame (yes, I am spoiled). He got me a frame that says: “Mom, I’m a vampire slayer.”. It is pretty bad ass. I mean, if you’re gonna project a message to the person in the vehicle behind you, it shouldn’t be an ad for the dealership. It should be something awesome. It should tell the vampires of the world to beware!! For I am an amateur vampire slayer?


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