A Side-kick in Life….

Do you ever feel like you have a sidekick in your life? Like someone who takes on the evils of everyday bullshit with you. Someone who you spend all of your time with. Someone who destroys feelings of badness.

I have found my sidekick in life. I am one of the lucky few who has someone in their life to tackle the world with. Better yet, someone to take over the world with.


Yes, I feel as though my dog is my sidekick. My partner in crime. My soul mate (that is if I have a soul.). I know, I know…. But what about your husband? Don’t get me wrong… I love my husband. He is my partner in life. But Chomp is my trusty sidekick. I am sure if she were a horse, she would also be my trusty steed… unfortunately, I am more likely to carry her than she is me.

Chomp and I spend a lot of time together. A. Lot. She is by my side at every available opportunity. She cuddles with me in bed. She sits with me on the couch (it sounds like I am super sedentary, but I have changed my ways… I promise! I get up and get moving and shit. Really!). She comes outside with me and helps me garden. She kills the evil rocks that we encounter when planting flowers. She chases the evil weed clumps away when I throw them out into the greenbelt behind the house. And she keeps the devious shovel at bay with growls and little jumps toward it. She watches my back and keeps me safe from the evils of outside.

WP_20150410_009 1  WP_20150410_002 1  WP_20150410_008  WP_20150410_006  WP_20150326_003 1

I know it does not look like much… but trust me…. it looks amazing compared to before.

And yes, that is Butters the corgi in the window. He does not like the outdoors except to pee. And I think he may be part cat (he is sitting on the back of the couch).


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