Coming Soon to a Computer Near You!

I am in the process of creating awesome crap you probably don’t need but will totally want.

Yes, I am putting my creative juices on a canvas and selling them to the masses. Chomp will also be contributing to this new venture by allowing me to take pictures of her to put on exclusive Chomp fan merchandise. I will also be interpreting her varied wines and grumbles into catch phrases that all will need to display upon their person or on mugs or other random shit.

I just have to figure zazzle out….. This may take a while as I am not exactly the most computer literate (it took me forever to figure out how to use wordpress effectively….). But fear not! I will conquer zazzle and make it my bitch!

It’s actually kind of funny how I decided to take on this challenge…. I was looking up clothing for Chomp. No one seems to make cute clothes in her size. She is a big dog. Not fat. Just big. But apparently, big dogs don’t deserve cute fashionable clothing. Only petite dogs are allowed to have dresses and adorable pajamas. Boo. Boo, I say!

Anyhow, in my search for 2XL dog clothes, I came across zazzle. Not only can I make awesome t-shirts for Chomp, I can make useless crap for all of you! And by all of you, I mean the two of you who actually read this blog.


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