Pet Peeves….

I find it incredibly annoying when people state the obvious. It’s raining. Really? Is it raining? Is that water falling from the sky onto me? It especially makes me irritated when the obvious is stated in movies.

I am watching The Guardians of the Galaxy as I create some awesome artwork for you all to buy on zazzle. And the green chick says, “You’ve turned off the artificial gravity everywhere except in this room,” after we see the guards floating about in the prison. Really? You needed to state that out loud? It’s like Sigorney Weaver’s role in Galaxy Quest. She just repeats what the ship’s computer has stated. Or like that horrendous Troi from Next Gen. I feel pain. Do you really? Do you feel that creature’s pain? There is a fucking hole the size of a grapefruit in it’s belly…. but do you think it’s in pain?

Troi was seriously the worst thing about Next Generation. I loved Data. Remember…. he was fully functional.

I think the term “Pet Peeve” is a weird term. It makes me want to have a pet that is a peeve. Like a little space alien. Like a tribble. Or SPACE HERPES!!! I am sure not many of you have seen Ice Pirates, but you should. They had space herpes. It was awesome.

It just seems like I only watch space shows and movies based on this posting. I assure you, my geek-tastic-ness extends to other awesome nerd stuff as well. Namely, Buffy. But we will get to that later. Maybe. If I feel like it. For now, I must leave you all as I need to continue to work on the epic art that you will soon be able to purchase. Yes, purchase. I need money for stogies.


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