Can’t Sleep Clowns May or May Not Eat Me

I can’t sleep. I began this post to just do my usual ranting and bitching… But I put the thought of clowns into my head as I began to write. Clowns may be waiting in the hall for me to begin to drift off to sleep to eat my fucking face. Clowns are creepy man. Fucking creepy. This may stem from having watched It too young…. Tim Curry was amazing as Pennywise. He was so menacing. Nothing else really freaked me out nearly as badly. Not even watching the Hellraiser movies as a small child. Or Alien or Aliens. Hell, any other gory horror type movie. The only other thing that freaks me out is Asian horror. Ghost horror specifically. Gi-shins in Korean culture. Women who have been wronged and died because of it. They come back as creepy super powerful vengeful spirits. Much like the Gurdge. Remade from a script from Korea and Japan. The remake in the US was not nearly as good. The Korean movie that freaked me out the most that I watched recently was Witchboard. Bushinsaba in Korean. I have not killed anyone yet… But it still freaks me out that an Asian ghost gi-shin will come after me and kill me. Mostly at night. I am fairly certain no grisly murders occurred in my home…. Now I have to research the previous owners……


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