The Marvels of the Internet

I am doing prom hair for a friend of mine on Saturday. I did her hair for her homecoming this past fall. It was the first time I did someone else’s hair…. ever. Besides just playing with my sister’s hair or playing with my friend’s kid’s hair. It did turn out beautifully…. even though I burned the shit out of my hand (I grabbed the curling iron on the hot end because I am a dumbass…). But it was not quite epic.

This time, I have done my research! I looked up a video to do the braids on the sides like she wanted for homecoming. This got me thinking about my prom. Ten years ago. Yes…. I feel old. But I had dial up internet. DIAL UP. It took so long to load a single page that I had Indiana Jones Desktop Adventures up while I waited for a single page to load (it is a fun little game that I, quite frankly, miss). I would whip the shit out of Nazis as I went looking for objects to give to NPCs (nonplayer characters) to get another object that I needed for another NPC to get the thing I needed to go through a dungeon type area to get the idol (I need to find that game and see if it is compatible with my laptop….).

Anyhow, I did my own hair for prom. It was just my normal hairstyle because I didn’t know how to do anything fun and had an internet connection that would have made it impossible to watch tutorials on doing awesome shit for my hair. I did my own makeup as well. But, thanks to my sister’s teen magazines, I learned how to do makeup fairly well. If not a little dark…. I wore a lot of black. And had rather dark eyeshadow. Some may have classified me as goth. I did wear more than black though! I had a bit of red in there. And I wore jeans or sometimes colored skirts.

Needless to say… I did not really look prom-ish. I looked more like my normal self with a black velvet dress I got from Hot Topic. Yes…. Hot Topic. It was on clearance. I got it for $35. I still have it.

But back to my original point, kids today are fucking spoiled. Does dial up internet even still exist?! And what with all of the smart phones and tablets and shit, kids today can look shit up anywhere… and like a million times faster than when I was a kid.

Oh god…. I sound so old… Back in MY day…. No, I did not have to walk miles in the snow, uphill both ways…. I only had to walk about a quarter mile to elementary school… in the snow (if/when it actually snowed) and across the street from my backyard to junior high. High school was much farther away. I rode the god awful bus for a whole four and a half months before I began to drive to school….


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