My Dog Reflects my Personality

Today, I took Chomp to the local dog park. For the first time. Yes, she has been to other parks to play with her brothers, but not strange unknown dogs. I have never been brave enough to allow strange dogs and dog owners to bombard us. But, today, I decided that we needed to try something new.

As we got into the car to venture to the park, she immediately began to whine thinking that she was going to the vet’s office. When I let her out of the car, however, she immediately perked up and was eager to sniff about.

She promptly took a massive shit on the walkway to the off leash area. Awesome. I think she shits when she is excited. I realize as I typed that that I had titled this posting as I did. No, I do not have to shit when I get excited. I usually have to shit after I have my morning injection of caffeine.

When we go into the off leash area, she was hesitant. I won’t say scared… but she was fucking terrified. There are dogs as big as her?!?! But all dogs are only as big as Tweak and Butters. Chomp, herself, MUST be a small dog. As we entered, four dogs about her size come up to say hi and perform the obligatory ass sniffing. Chomp had no idea what was going on at first. She just stood there getting her ass sniffed. After a few minutes of this, she got the hang of it and decided to sniff another dog’s ass. He was a cute little Rottweiler puppy. He took this as a sign that she was up for a bit of rough housing. She was not.

She did eventually calm enough to play…. with the smallest dog there. A boston terrier. The terrier was a cute and sweet little thing. Unafraid of all of the big dogs lumbering about him.

Chomp mostly ran a bit near the other dogs and then came back to me. She decided that she needed to be touching my leg for a good portion of the time.

I picked up a dog spit encrusted stick and tossed it for Chomp and the terrier to play with. Chomp immediately leaped after it and stood over it, not taking it into her mouth. And when the terrier came up to grab it…… I swear to bob, I thought Chomp was going to inhale him. She got a bit bratty…. and hit the little dog in the face a few times while growling with her hair up. The little terrier was fine and left her to guard the stick.

After that, Chomp tried to play with the terrier again…. but was awkward about it. I have a video… but wordpress won’t allow me to upload it…. Instead, enjoy this picture of Chomp ignoring the big dog who wanted to play.


I say that Chomp reflects my personality because I was awkward the entire time when it came to talking to the other pet owners. I really didn’t do a lot of talking. Except to the dogs. The rest of the owners were all talking amongst themselves. I just walked about and pet the other dogs and made Chomp jealous apparently.


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