Vampire the Masquerade

Steam had the awesome game Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines on sale and patched to run on newer systems. I almost forgot how awesome this game was. It makes me sad that it did not do too well in sales…. but it is definitely a cult classic.

I always am drawn to the Malkavian clan. I think it reflects my essence…. Completely batshit (that is a history for your character that you can choose)… but I think I hide it fairly well. Or at least I am socially less awkward than some making it seem as though I am not nearly as batshit as I am.

My husband informed me that I cannot feed upon the blood of the people in full view of the authorities…. I say, why not? If I am hungry, I will eat. I don’t want to become a skeletor-esque person much like many Hollywood females… that shall remain nameless… *cough* Keira Knightly *cough*.

He also informs me that running around through town with a severed arm in your hand is apparently a criminal offense. If I came across a severed arm, I would totally use it as a weapon… until the stench got too terrible of course.


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