Scratch and Sniff Monkey

I figured I would upload another weird ass creation that can be found on my zazzle store (

Flaming Monkey Watermark

This one here is yet another one for other Dresden fans. It’s too bad that I couldn’t actually make it scratch and stiff. I would be extremely disheartened if someone actually scratched their screen and tried to sniff it. Not only is it odd that one would think the screen can be scratch and sniff, but it would be odd that one would WANT to sniff a monkey demon hurling flaming monkey shit.

I will continue to assail your eyes with my odd creations as I come up with new shit.


2 thoughts on “Scratch and Sniff Monkey

  1. Lee Parker

    What the Fuck! Your shirts don’t come in manly man size! I like monkey demon’s hurling flaming monkey shit.


    1. Erika's Prepackaged Nonsense Post author

      Don’t complain to me! I don’t actually make the shirts. Complain to Zazzle. I am far to pretty to be actually making these products. I just send them my awesome designs and they put them on shit for you all to buy.



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