Nothing Tastes Quite Like Homemade

Lately, I have been making more and more things at home instead of buying the prepackaged things from the store. No, this is not because I am terribly health conscious or worried about preservatives or anything of the like. It is because of poor planning when I go grocery shopping.

When I enter the grocery store, I go in with a preconceived list of things I actually need. I try to be the organized adult…. I really do. I usually write a list. I just forget to bring it with me 95% of the time. And even when I do have a list, I get distracted…. easily. Ooh, shiny indeed. Speaking of groceries and ooh shiny, they (the proverbial they, that is) rereleased French Toast Crunch cereal! My husband keeps bringing me home boxes of it. It is delicious and reminds me of my childhood. No, it has pretty much no nutritional value… but it is shaped like toast. And it is mapley and sweet. What more could a girl want? I should totally figure out how to make my own French toast crunch cereal. It would have all sorts of different flavors. I like peanut butter on my French toast for instance. Oooooh! Or blueberry!!!

Back on topic… homemade foods… yes… I started out by making my own bread. Because, let’s face it, the smell of fresh baked bread is amazing. From there, it went to cinnamon rolls and soft pretzels and naan bread. Mostly just lovely carbs… and gluten. I love gluten. More recently, due to my poor planning and weird food cravings, it has migrated to wonton wrappers. I absolutely needed wonton soup… like needed it. I almost always have the prepackaged wonton wrappers in the freezer so I started making the filling and getting the soup going…. when I realized that the wrappers I had were #1 ancient #2 freezer burned to fuck. So, I whipped out (no… not my penis… as I don’t have one…) my brand new pasta roller cutter thingy that my mother in law got me. And by the gods, I made wonton wrappers. Mind you, they were not pretty. The wontons looked like weird deformed full diapers. But they tasted delicious. No, I did not take pictures. Like I said, they looked awful.  And I don’t take pictures of my food…. well…. most of the time I don’t. Furthermore, they didn’t last long. I only made 28 of them. If you know me, you know that is a small amount when it comes to making dumplings. I once had an assembly line going to make Korean wontons? potstickers? Mandu. I recruited two friends and my husband. Then I promptly fired them for making ugly mandu. I think I may have a problem.

Anyhow! Also, due to forgetfulness, I endeavored to make my own mayonnaise. I followed Alton Brown’s recipe…. mostly. I had to substitute a few things. Olive oil in place of canola. Cider vinegar in place of some other kind of vinegar that I can’t remember. It started to make mayo…. kinda. On the bottom. Needless to say, it was not successful. But I will not let that stop me. I will likely continue to try to make homemade things. Not because I want to make everything the old fashioned way. But because I don’t want to have to go back to the store when I have forgotten something.


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