Watching TV as a Punishment?!

What happened to reading a fucking book, guys? It seems as though these parents have created this situation for themselves. Why would a child need a tablet? Why allow your kids to spend so much time playing video games and surfing the net?

When I was a child, we had TV, Nintendo (which occupied the TV), and later on we had a computer. I did play video games on the Nintendo and on the computer mind you… but we had time limits. And we had dial up internet when I was a teenager…. Dial up. Try surfing the web with dial up, guys…. it blows. No chance of watching porn. I call that a great safe guard. I spent my computer time playing Tomb Raider. The internet was a hassle for me. I only used it in high school to do homework. We had to log into a website to answer the quiz questions at home.

When grounded, we were not allowed to view ANY screen (though I totally snuck watching the TV when my parents weren’t paying attention. These parents are depriving their children of practicing being sneaky!). Why do these parents simply disallow any screen from being viewed and force their children to read or go outside or SOMETHING other than stay in front of a screen?

I say this as I have been surfing the net for the last hour and am texting a friend of mine… but the difference is, I AM AN ADULT. I know, I don’t act like it often. Nor do I feel very adult like most of the time. But the fact remains, I am an adult. Adults have the responsibility over their children.

Okay. I will get off of my soap box now.

On to a happier subject….

It’s Shark Week!!



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