You Know You Have an Addiction When….

The internet randomly went out. I went through the normal things. Reset the wireless router. Reset the cable router. Disconnected and reconnected both from power. Nothing worked. The DNS was not working. My limited internet capabilities led me to call my husband and ask what to do next. He told  me to do what I had already done. In my frustration from having the lack of internet…. I firmly told him that I had already done those things as I am not completely useless. I had even tried to figure out how to get to the wireless router’s settings page that you can do on the computer. I couldn’t quite remember how though. My husband’s answer after my small tirade was that the internet service provider was to blame and to give it a little while and they would resolve it. That was not the answer I was looking for.

How long would I be without the internet?! And more importantly, Netflix and the World of Warcraft! (Yes, I am a WoW nerd. I have recently returned to it after years of sobriety. I fell off of the wagon of MMORPG recovery. Though, I am not nearly as bad as I was several years ago. I don’t play nearly as much. I promise.) Anyhow, for ten minutes I was frustrated as fuck for not having my entertainment available. Yes, I know, I could read a book or draw or clean or put in an actual DVD. My gods though, getting off of my ass and finding the appropriate disc for what I wanted to watch? I only do that for when I have company over and what we want to watch is not on the Netflix, amazon prime, or on our server. And I was not in the mood to read my book. It’s almost over… and there aren’t any more in the series as of yet. I am not even sure if there will be any more in the series.

So as I sat there wondering WTF I could do as I stared at my computer screen showing that it had no signal, it came back on! I cannot express to you how happy I was that I was connected to the world wide web again (And for those of you youngsters who don’t get that last bit…. the WWW. in front of all URLs stands for World Wide Web.). That was when I realized that I have an addiction to the internet.

When I was a child, I didn’t need the internet. We had TV, Nintendo, computer games you could play off of the internet, books, we could go outside to play, etc. We still have TV, but Netflix has pretty much trumped most TV watching these days. We still have video game consoles, but so many games require an online connection and updates and so on and so forth. We still have computer games, but I am partial to the MMO’s (massive multiplayer online). I now hate the outdoors… so going outside is not an option for me. Seriously…. the bugs. The neighbors. The weather. There is no good that could come from going outside. It usually means that I have to do something with the garden to make it look semi presentable. No thank you. And books…. we have kindles, tablets, phones, etc. for most of our books. I did, however, get a few actual books from the bookstore the other day. I cannot express to you how much I missed the smell and feel of an actual physical book in my hands.

But anyhow, I am fairly certain that when the apocalypse comes, (don’t beep me… BTW, I don’t have a pager… which I found an odd thing for Buffy to have in the first place… please tell me that at least one of you got that reference to a Buffy quote… or am I the only Buffy nerd?) I am sure I will go insane within the first week. I mean sure, I will be fending off zombies with whatever melee weapon I happen to find (though I think using a ginormous dildo beat zombies to death would be pretty epic and insulting to said zombies)… that would keep me occupied and all for a bit… but when I need to unwind from my day of slaughtering zombies… I will have nothing. I will go insane and attempt to go out in a blaze of glory… but just end up falling face first into a horde of zombie babies or something stupid like that.


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