Back to School

Today began my first official day back in the world of school. As I drove to the PIMA medical campus today, many thoughts raced through my mind. Was I going to be able to succeed? Am I ready to go back to school? Do I even remember basic math? Am I wearing appropriate shoes? Is covering my tattoo with a sweat band ok? Mostly, I was afraid I was going to be late.

I arrived a half hour before classes started (despite Chomp’s attempts to keep me at home longer…. she chased Mister, the cat, into the woods behind the house when I let them all out to potty… and of course…. I stepped in shit…. ), and I was able to find a parking space. So, about 25% of my fear was alleviated. I then walked into the main office and was flustered about where the fuck my classes would be. I swear to bob, they made the campus a fucking maze. I still don’t even know where the bathrooms are after four hours of classes today. It was a good thing I only had coffee and a protein shake in my stomach (and I relieved myself before leaving the house).

Anyhow, I walked into my classroom and found it empty except for two other students. I quickly sat down in the middle of the room and away from people. I fully expected that I would get to have a space all to myself. I had resting bitch face on while I waited for the class to begin. But no…. the annoying bitch from orientation who is so fucking perky I could die sat in front of me and some dude sat next to me.

The first day was mostly a Hi, how are you? Here is the syllabus sort of day. Four fucking hours of the syllabus and introductions and shit. It could have been an hour… two tops. But no, the professor had to go on and on…. and on. About Oh, on some days, you can wear jeans. And we have campuses all over. And he loves the seahawks, also, Friday is seahawks day (or something) and we can wear seahawks gear to class. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Then he literally went over every single fucking day on the syllabus. Is it just me? Or are students not expected to read anymore?

During breaks, the students initiated conversations with one another. I did not. I donned my resting bitch face again. But to no avail. The dude next to me introduces himself. Fuck. So, I was polite and introduced myself and carried on a polite but meaningless conversation. And to my utter fucking dismay, the fucking annoying bitch in front of me turns around and starts talking to me to. Even the sound of her voice annoys me. It is so damned chipper. I think I let my resting bitch face slip in the past few months. I haven’t had to use it as often. I think I need to bring my A game tomorrow and really exude the don’t fucking talk to me attitude of the resting bitch face.

Anyhow, when I got home, my husband and I quickly put together a dinner. While it was cooking, I decided to do the homework that isn’t due til Thursday. We hadn’t even opened our books today. But I was hoping that we would in class. I brought my cute planner, my monster pencil case (no, really, it is a little monster that holds your pens and shit. The zipper is his mouth. It is really cute.), my notebook, my laptop… everything. But no. We went over the fucking syllabus… for four hours.

Wow… this turned into a much longer rant than I intended. Anyway, here is a selfie for my first day of classes.


Yes, it is in my bathroom. I am no good at this whole selfie thing. And yes, that is a sign on the mirror… it says Let’s Wash Our Hands in Japanese and in English. I found it odd and had to get it.


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