Formaldehyde: The Smell of Success

With two weeks of school down, it is with utmost pride that I say I fucking killed it. I aced all three tests I had today. I did very well on the two tests last week. I have made friends… kind of. I began driving a student to and from school with me… because I am too fucking nice for my own good. I often talk with the students around me… and not even all school related. Aren’t you proud of me?

Anyhow, on Wednesday we got to dissect sheep hearts. It was enjoyable… well, except for the wonderful smell of formaldehyde. I almost forgot how it smelled….. almost. The first experience I had with the stench of formaldehyde was when I went to see cadavers at the local community college along with my fellow medical explorers. Yes, I was a nerd. I still am a nerd. But anyhow, I came home reeking of the stuff… my mother promptly said I smelled horrible when she picked me up. I came to be familiar with the smell of formaldehyde in my life. Fetal pig dissection. Rat dissection. Frog dissection. I took a lot of science classes. I can now add sheep hearts to the list. WP_20150902_14_41_37_Pro WP_20150902_14_41_59_Pro WP_20150902_14_42_46_Pro

That was my “lab” partner for this dissection. We had fun poking our fingers through the pulmonary vein and the aorta. We kind of ended up destroying the tricuspid valve in the process of the dissection.


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