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I am a 20 something female who rants at length. Some of you may find my rants entertaining while others may find them rather odd. Enjoy!

The Final Frontier?

Today marks the culmination of my efforts for the past two years. Today, I take the VTNE (Veterinary Technician’s National Exam). If I pass, I will be a licensed vet tech. I will be able to provide the best care to animals as a vet tech at an amazing clinic. Seriously, dudes, I love my new clinic.

The past two years have been full of hardships. My love, my sidekick, my best friend…. lost her battle to lymphoma last June. It is still so hard for me to talk about. She was the best thing about me. She was the reason that I got into the veterinary field. She was my boxer. She died at the age of six and a half. Too young. I didn’t have enough time with her. She was a part of me. The best part of me.

Today, all of my hard work in school and at work will have paid off. I am so nervous, excited, queasy, and fucking terrified all at the same time. I have had the best support from my husband, my friends, and my family. Thank you all. Wish me luck!

**** Update ****

When I completed the 3 hour long test, I got up from the computer and approached the proctor. My heart was pounding. My legs were weak. When I sat down in front of her while she checked my status in the computer, I swear to Bob, time fucking stopped, but my heartbeat did not. I nearly projectile puked. Like, think The Exorcist, but like a million times worse.

When she looked over at me and said two words….. I nearly fainted. “You passed.” And then I cried like a bitch.


Update and Super Awesome Super Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Idea!

I haven’t written anything on here in ages. For that, I apologize. But not really. I have been busy with things and stuff, okay? Contrary to popular belief, I do have a life.

I figure I should start out by updating all of you on the happenings of said life that I totally have.

First, I have completed the Vet Assistant program with a 4.0 GPA. Graduation is next month. I will photoshop the SHIT out the photos I will get before I post them on here for all of you to enjoy. I am thinking that I should make one of the pics look like I am totally riding an undead T-Rex with a saddle (Dresden style! For those of you who don’t know, I love the Dresden Files books.). What do you think? I am open to suggestions. But the suggestions must be epic… to match the epic-ness that is me.

Second, as some of you may know, Chomp, my child, my side kick, my youngest dog, was diagnosed with lymphoma a few months ago. She has been undergoing chemotherapy and seems to be tolerating it well. She is still her happy and goofy self. She only had one bout of badness from the chemo where she did not eat for a day and her spleen enlarged. It has since gone down and she is eating like a pig again. We will continue treatment and will fucking beat it. Of that, I am certain.

Third, as I have completed the assistant program, I have completed the required internship at a local veterinary clinic. Before completion, I was offered a position with the team as a veterinary assistant. I have accepted. It is part-time, as I wish to complete the Veterinary Technician program. It has been a wonderful experience, and I enjoy working with everyone at the clinic.

Fourth, while working, I am currently taking courses for the Veterinary Technician program. The first two months are online. I am not sure if online courses are the best thing for me. I cannot seem to pace myself well. I see things uploaded for completion, and I complete them as soon as I am able (even though they are not due for days and days).

So, as you can see, I have been busy as fuck. Not super busy. But brain drained enough to not want to put any energy into this blog. And in spending the time to write this…. I fucking burned my pizza. Yes, it is my dinner. It is a primary staple for me especially when there is no one else here to cook for at the moment. No, it is not a prepackaged pizza. Though, I do have four in my freezer…. Don’t judge. I made this from mostly scratch…

Anyhow, in light that it is mother’s day, I have found the best deal for you all! But hurry, it ends at nine tonight!

I am pretty sure that my mother would not find this extravagant gift amusing. Though she is over 100 miles away, I am sure she would want to see my beautiful face and hear me swear like a sailor while I bitch about one thing or another. On second thought, she may actually prefer the replica.

In all seriousness, she would not prefer the replica. Who would eat the 8 course feast for fifteen people (when of course it would only be me and possibly my husband there to visit)? My mother makes the best food and a FUCK ton of it. She always sends me home with left overs. Unfortunately, I was not able to see her today in celebration of her and congratulations of having to put up with me living with her for 18 years. Seriously, with all that my mother had to deal with, I am glad that she did not give in to the urge to murder me and bury me in the backyard. Though, I am sure she would go about my murder with much more thought and precision. She’d totally get away with it. Unfortunately, I had to have a gift sent this year. I sent chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolates that said, “I Love  You Mom.” She sent me a picture of the gift with a hard lemonade on the side and asked how she could eat them, they were so pretty (in Korean, of course. And it took me far longer than I am willing to admit to decipher her message. I HAVE rosetta stone for Korean. I just haven’t used it since we first installed it…… I get by in Korean. Kind of. I understand 75% of what is said in my Korean dramas. And that is not just because there are subtitles.). Anyhow, to all moms, thank you. And especially to my mother, I love you, and I truly am lucky to have you as my mother. You are a strong, caring, and wonderful mother.

Displaced Blame and Focus….

My father is always in the back of my mind. I feel that he is always here with me…. watching over me. I think it is the reason that I push myself so much in school. I just want him to be proud of me. He is always a part of my day. Of my life.

Today, nothing really profound happened to me. But it got me really thinking about my dad…. and what happened to him. Everything in the media lately demonizes cops. Demonizes people of a certain race or religious background. Not individuals. The media demonizes guns. Not the INDIVIDUALS who use guns to harm innocent people. I suppose it hasn’t only been in the media lately…. but it seems more prevalent now than in the past. Maybe it is because I am older now and am more exposed to mass media. I don’t know.

My father was murdered. I do harbor a lot of anger, even to this day. But not toward a group of people, a “race” of people. And not toward guns. My anger is directed at the man who took my father from me. Toward the individual who chose to get high on crack. Toward the individual who chose to murder my father. He made the decision to pull the trigger…. not once… not twice… but six times. I do not blame guns. I do not blame crack cocaine. I blame a man who chose to get high. I blame the man who used the gun to kill my father. I don’t blame the people of his “race” (there is only one race… the HUMAN RACE… race as we seem to classify it is a social construct… Not a biological construct. Look at the racial distinctions in the U.S. versus those in Brazil). I do not blame the individual’s faith (Christianity) which was brought into the defense’s case to show his character. His faith did not kill my father. To me, we as a society are not putting enough emphasis on the individual and the actions he or she chose. We should put more emphasis on the individual. Hold the individual responsible. Not sensationalize the individual’s race or weapon he or she chose to use. Blaming the instrument the individual chose to use redirects the blame away from individuals. Should we then call for a ban on all vehicles because people are killed by individuals who hit them with their cars? Should we then call for a ban on knives? Lighters? Alcohol? We have already criminalized crack cocaine, meth, heroin, etc., but does that prevent people from obtaining and using it? Those who are going to commit a crime are going to do so in spite of laws. That is what makes them criminals. We cannot displace blame on inanimate objects. Nor faiths. Nor should we focus on the social construct of race. We need to hold individuals accountable as individuals and leave it at that. Is racial bias a problem? Yes. But do we need to focus on it and sensationalize it in our media? No. Is religious bias a problem? Yes. But do we need to focus on it? No. We need to focus on the individual.

I have chosen to focus on the individual who destroyed my life. The individual who ripped my father away from me before my life even really began. Before my sister’s life even began. I blame the individual who took so much from me and my family. The individual who lives while my father does not.

Yes, I harbor a lot of anger. But toward the individual. Nothing else. No one else.

The Long Awaited Return!

Nothing special. Just me. Returning to the blog-o-sphere. Been busy with school. And when I say busy, I mean I have just been playing Rise of Tomb Raider (which BTW, is fucking bad ass so far). No really, I have been spending most of my time with school work, studying, or poking and prodding my animals. They don’t seem to mind me taking their vitals weekly or checking their gums and capillary refill times almost daily. Mister, the cat, is the one who protests…. but only slightly. He “bit” me when I took his vitals today. When I say “bit”, I mean he opened his mouth and brushed his teeth on my hand. He felt that was enough of a hint to tell me to stop. I didn’t. And he did not protest further.

School has been going awesome. Not to brag, but… what am I saying? I LOVE to brag. I am totally maintaining a 4.0 GPA. I’m not competitive at all.

This quarter, I guess you can call them quarters… they last six weeks… anyhow, we got 8 new students…. one of whom, I cannot stand and wish to fillet with a butter knife. I don’t know how I would accomplish that, but I am willing to find a way to make the constant stories about this animal or that animal that she has on her father’s ranch just stop. Is it going to be on the test? No? Then shut the fuck up. I get it. She is proud of her experience with horses and cows and their shit. But I don’t care. All I need to know for this program is if it is a beef or dairy cow. I don’t need to know your opinion on how each cow on your ranch has a personality. It is not on the test. I don’t want to know about how you once knew someone who had a breed of dog or cat or horse or cow. I don’t care.

Brian says that I seem to have to find one person each quarter to latch onto and hate…. I disagree. I was able to get rid of my problem from the first sequence for the most part (she moved to the morning classes because she thought she’d get a leg up getting into the tech program). I hated her because she didn’t shower, didn’t know what personal space was, thought she was superior, and was overall unpleasant. I still have to see her occasionally. At which point, I usually just leave the room with no explanation. It is better than murder… or so I’m told.

Her Eyes… For God’s Sake…. What Happened to Her Eyes?!

As Halloween approaches, so too does Ash vs. The Evil Dead. I couldn’t help it. I had to watch The Evil Dead this morning. I know…. I know…. It is early yet and I do have plans to watch all of the movies with a friend on the 30th. But…. It is Bruce Campbell. With a unibrow. I love it.

I always have to laugh when Scotty’s girlfriend freaks out about Cheryl’s eye…. What about the rest of her? Her skin is peeling off there dude. It’s not a pretty sight overall, not just her eyes.

Anyhow, 29 days guys.

Dog Farts

Don’t you hate it when a dog fart is so gnarly it wakes you up and you think one of them took a big fat shit on your chest? Yeah…. That happens far more than I’d like to admit.

Chomp I on a prescription diet now… I swear to bob, the farts got better since we started this food… Or so I thought.

That is all. Oh, I don’t say this enough, check out my zazzle store. I haven’t added anything new yet…. But soon! I promise.